I love crystals and the way that when you read their meanings and what they support one always jumps out and speaks to you ♥

I love to have them around my house – my studio is full of them! – and wearing them always feels extra special.

I love to think that they are weaving their magic and spreading their good energy over my heart and home.

And I LOVE to pop them out under a full moon to cleanse and re-energise them – so good!

My gorgeous collection of Resinating Crystals has been created with love and intention to bring a breath of fresh air to your day.  These gems will evoke feelings of love, well being, connectedness, protection  and abundance.  They will help to support you throughout your day – and they just look so pretty!

Each crystal has been cleansed under a full moon to raise their energy and bring positive vibes, and I have encased them in resin to protect their energy.

I know these gems will resonate with you as much as they do me and speak directly to your heart ♥