Wowie!  I’m finding it hard to believe it’s May already!  Things have certainly been buzzing in the studio this year.  Put the kettle on and I’ll catch you up :)

I’ve been busy creating colourful treasures for markets and wholesale customers ♥ (My boards and salad servers can be found in Flava Gifts unique WA brand gift hampers, as well as a few other sneaky places around Perth – keep your eyes open!). My Perth Upmarket stall is always filled to the brim with brand new creations – just love coming up with new designs and colourways for this event!

My new website shop has proved a hit with many of you purchasing custom gifts for loved ones – engagements, housewarming, weddings (and of course Christmas) are popular occasions.  Have a sticky beak here  So glad that this section is working well for you.

I’ve had fun decluttering my home, focusing mainly on toys now that my baby is 12!  Where on earth did that time go?  Anyway the toy decluttering proved a bit more challenging for this sentimental old mum that I thought!!!!  But I found a compromise that my heart could handle and everything that is left is neat and tidy and packed away at least…put it this way, this future Grandma’s house is going to be the most fun place to visit – or just filled with really old toys lol!!

In all the decluttering I have paid particular attention to my studio – really hubbies workshop (but he lovingly handed it over to me to get my treasures out of the house) and it’s mine to keep all my making bits and market props etc in so I LOVE it! I can create up a storm and then close the door while it all cures – perfect! (Just trying to squish hubbies stuff further into the corner as we speak hehe)  These areas that are shut off from the main house really do become dumping grounds don’t they!  Especially when I would rather be making than cleaning!!  Oh and guess what! I’ve even managed to get all my accounts up to date!  And it’s not quite the end of the financial year either!  Ooh yeah – fist bump!

2018 has seen a very last minute new school for my youngest, and high school to boot!, and this has proved a rewarding transition.  Still a mad baseball mum I’ll be heading off to NSW for the National Little League Championships in June to watch my youngest play.  Eek!  This means I will have to be SUPER organised for my next market which is just 2 weeks after I get back! (June 24th, Perth Upmarket – write it down!) Don’t panic, I’ve started creating and have already got some gorgeous goodies on the workbench for this ♥  Ooh I love this bit!!  Can’t wait to show you!

Well, back to it for me!  Thanks for the cuppa :)  Talk soon

Marina ♥