In desperate need of some display stands for my necklaces that would allow you to see what I was displaying (and of course take up minimal real estate space on my market table) I took to my sketchbook.  Many pages later I had sketched out a vague idea for what I had in mind! That’s how I roll – kind of make it up as I go along, with a picture in my mind!  This works perfectly for me, but here lies my problem – I had to enlist the help of my clever husband, who thankfully is not afraid of the drop-saw (unlike me!!)

Can he decipher my drawings?  Can he speak Marina?  Will he follow my directions?  Have I measured correctly???  Well it turns out YES! He is AWESOME! AMAZING! CLEVER! And best of all – he speaks Marina!!!!!

Have a look at how these gorgeous stands turned out!  To his obvious delight one stand turned into two, which quickly turned into four when I saw the off-cuts!!  Woohoo!!  These stands rock!!!!  Can’t wait to use them ♥

IMG_0580 (640x640)IMG_0585 (640x640)IMG_0581 (640x640)IMG_0584 (640x640)IMG_0588 (640x640) IMG_0587 (640x640)IMG_0604 (640x640)IMG_0589 (640x480)