Don’t you just LOVE the energy that surrounds the start of a brand new year?!  Everything has that fresh, new year smell to it!

For me it heralds the end to the crazily awesome market season leading up to Christmas and so normally means my house is SCREAMING out to be tidied up and sorted out!  And my studio…well let’s just say that it took me 3 full weeks to sort it out and actually find the floor this time!!  But I do feel that I cannot begin creatively until I have reigned in the chaos!

As I go through these things and slowly get it back in order I can feel my mind shift from cluttered and overwhelmed to the excitement of being back in the creative zone.  As the fog begins to lift on my mind I find that ideas just start to waft through as the haze clears.  I jump from one fresh new idea to another!  I am inspired!  I tweak my website, my listings, my shop fronts as well as check that my packaging and brand are still on the right track!  My notebooks get fuller and fuller!

And I read.  I read every blog post on the small business world I can get my hands on!  I read books devoted to self-improvement or creativity (this year i read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it was fab!)  I search Pinterest.  I read magazines.  I devour this information.  Then suddenly, I am able to slow down and realise that through all this information one thing is becoming clear.  I am doing ok!!  I may be bumbling along at best at times but overall I am not doing too badly!  My creative passion is as fierce as ever!  My paperwork could be kept in better order (and my washing put away as well as folded!!) but I am juggling all of the balls of a work at home mum – and mostly – managing to keep them in the air!!

DSCN4782So here’s to 2016!  And here’s to us – the almighty #girlbosses out there!  I just know it’s going to be MINTOX!!