A quick Resinating life update

A quick Resinating life update

Well the first half of the year has been INSANE!!!  You know when all kinds of life events happen which makes the time just fly by!

In a total step out of your comfort zone moment I took over the Perth Upmarket Instagram page and took you behind the scenes in the Resinating Studio!  Man this was overwhelmingly hard for this little introvert right here – but… I DID IT!!  And according to many messages that I received from you guys (gees I love you all so much!) you reckon I’m a natural and was so relaxed! If only you knew!!

If you want to catch up on what you missed head to the Perth Upmarket Instagram page and check out their stories highlights tab for my studio day ♥

My beautiful college boy came home ♥ After two years away at college in America, ten months in the last stint since I squeezed him, and two weeks in Sydney quarantine, he made it safely back to Perth!  He had an AMAZING time in North Dakota, playing baseball and acing all his classes.  In fact he made the college President’s List with his 4.0GPA and also was selected as a Montana-Dakota conference scholar athlete.

The snow proved a challenge for playing baseball (North Dakota is pretty damn cold with temps getting as low as -33deg before we stopped looking – eek!!), but was exciting to experience!  I think its awesome that he spent this time in a place that was so different to Perth or even Australia.  It was a wonderful college and town with the most beautiful people.  He has made some life long friends from all over the world and we hope that he can catch up with them soon.



My youngest son and his baseball team won the state championship title for his age group and we all travelled to Lismore, NSW, as my husband and I are team officials and my son played!  This was kind of scary in these “unprecedented times” and travelling was so different to what you remember – it’s not carefree anymore!  Anyway we all made it safely across the country and back with no hiccups and no covid! Yeah!  Oh and the team did ok against some huge obstacles in their way, and we won the game my son pitched so this was pretty cool!

He’s now playing soccer in the winter and I am that thing that I never thought I’d be again – a soccer mum!!  He is fearless and I still don’t know the rules even after three soccer players lol, but I love to watch them play whatever they are playing ♥


My amazing eldest son had his birthday and started a new job in the same week after 6 years at the one company and is loving it!  He works and studies full time so is a bit of a machine at the moment!  As the mum you just sit back and watch in awe as they all accomplish all these things that you are just along for the ride on!  Like literally just the taxi getting them places and they make all this amazing stuff happen!  My husband and I are exhausted just keeping track of it all lol

I’ve had some awesome custom project opportunities this year and have loved making beautiful pieces for your homes and loved ones ♥  My pieces really resonate with you for gift ideas and I love that I get to be a part of this gift giving journey with you.  I’ve added some new equipment to my machinery line-up and am getting better at creating the wooden boards that I create the resin art on!  Everything is completely handmade in my Resinating world and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thanks for stopping by for a catch up – I’ll try to pop by again soon.  Love, Marina xx


So – which resin?

So – which resin?

Did you know that there are literally HUNDREDS of resin brands and types out there!?  Hundreds!  Want to know why it is so hard to recommend one for you?

What works for me may not work for you!  It’s as simple as that!

The reason for this is that each brand and type of resin has a different ‘personality’.  Each one has different properties and so is more suited to a certain usage.  They may have different purposes or be more suitable for a certain type of application,  or work better in my climate than yours, I might like thin resin you might like thick, or vise versa, you may not want to wait days to move your work or may want one for casting resin pieces.  What you want to use the resin for plays a large part in what properties are suitable to you.  Resin for casting? Art? Homewares? Selling? Playing? Jewellery?  Doming?  All these things seek different qualities.  Price also plays a large point as this is not a cheap exercise.  And cheap resin is often too good to be true giving poor finishes.  And one that I like might not be available in your city.  You may have never even heard of some of them in your country!  See!  So many different factors at play!

I personally have four or five (and often more haha) different resins on the go in my workshop at any one time.  True story! I have used more than 12 different brands, but there are HUNDREDS more brands that I have not used!  I may not have heard of the one that you use, you may not have heard of the ones that I use!  And that’s ok!

And do you know what?! Even if we use the exact same resin we may never get the exact same results!  Because WE also have unique properties that influence our work – and that my friend is simply the COOLEST THING EVER!!!

So get yourself some good PPE (Personal Protective Equipment – absolutely non negotiable), get yourself some resin, have a play and HAVE SOME FUN!

And on that note, I’m off to the workshop to do the same!!!  Woohoo!

Resin classes – an update

Resin classes – an update


After extensive consideration, inner torment and much over-thinking I have concluded that I won’t be holding resin workshops.  I totally understand your excitement to work with resin, believe you me!, but unfortunately some people may have an allergic reaction to using resin and I do not want to take on this risk with my beloved Resinating family.

Resin is a glorious medium to work with but it does need to be fully respected.

If you are keen on doing a resin class there are quite a few being held around Australia, including Perth, with more seemingly to pop up daily.  I am concerned about some of the information being put out there by new resin artists so here are some things to look out for when booking a class:

  • That appropriate P.P.E is provided and used.  P.P.E is Personal Protective Equipment and should ALWAYS include – a respirator (fume and vapour mask), glasses/goggles, nitrile gloves, and an apron.  You can then also tie your hair back (trust me resin is the WORST in hair!!) and wear fitted long sleeves if you wish – make sure they’re not baggy sleeves as they will drag in the resin.  EVERY time you are working with resin you should be appropriately protected.  Resin art is not glamorous lol!
  • That the resin artist is insured and that the insurance covers you attending a workshop.
  • That a quality resin is used.
  • That the room is well ventilated and has access to running water.
  • That no food or drink is consumed during the class.

Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions before booking. Don’t risk your health and your artwork with taking shortcuts.  Use an artist that has been working with resin for a long time as it is a unique medium and the artist needs to be knowledgeable, not a fly by night pop up job.

REMEMBER I am always happy to help you with any questions you may have with regards to working with resin.  I will always try my best to point you in the right direction.  It is a wonderful medium to create with but does need to be respected.

I hope this helps, Marina x

Hello 2019!

Oh 2019 you wonderful thing! I have woken up to this new year feeling excited and inspired!  My heart is full of new ideas… annnnd my head is trying to work out if I can execute them!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are feeling just as refreshed and ready to jump into 2019 as I am!  Although if your routine is scrambled like mine at this time of year it’s hard enough just knowing what day of the week it is lol!!  But how exciting to have 365 (give or take) fresh starts before us!  I found this quote on New Years Day and it truly resonated with me:

So this year I’m going to try and wake up each morning and think of this very day as the best day ever!  I know some days just can’t be salvaged with a positive mindset lol but I’m sure going to give it a red hot go!  Who’s with me?The start of a new year always begins for me with choosing a “word” or a phrase for the year.  Does anyone else do this?  Normally I just ‘know’ what my word will be as it may have revealed itself towards the end of the last year, but this year has proven a bit more elusive to narrow it down!  And multiple words wasn’t working for me this year.  I think I finally have my chosen one and it does feel right for me on many levels – so inspiring to have a word that resonates!

My Resinating word range includes hand stamped cuff bracelets which are a popular way to wear your mantra – and of course they are fully customisable! I love to wear one with something that is resonating with me at the moment and may swap between a couple that I have ♥ These ones went out last week, it’s just so awesome to think of them inspiring the wearer! Love that!

In January while my son is on school holidays I will be sneaking time to focus on my new ideas and see if I can bring them to fruition.  Oh and my bookwork – there’s always a mountain of that to catch up on lol! I have a couple of personal projects to tackle as well which will push my resin knowledge to the limit so fingers crossed they work well enough!!  At least they’re just for me lol. I’ll also be planning for my year ahead with my very first market in March at the wonderful Perth Upmarket – ooh I can’t wait for this!  Will be so nice to see you all again!

Until next time, take care,
Marina x

Resinating shenanigans – May 2018

Resinating shenanigans – May 2018

Wowie!  I’m finding it hard to believe it’s May already!  Things have certainly been buzzing in the studio this year.  Put the kettle on and I’ll catch you up :)

I’ve been busy creating colourful treasures for markets and wholesale customers ♥ (My boards and salad servers can be found in Flava Gifts unique WA brand gift hampers, as well as a few other sneaky places around Perth – keep your eyes open!). My Perth Upmarket stall is always filled to the brim with brand new creations – just love coming up with new designs and colourways for this event!

My new website shop has proved a hit with many of you purchasing custom gifts for loved ones – engagements, housewarming, weddings (and of course Christmas) are popular occasions.  Have a sticky beak here  So glad that this section is working well for you.

I’ve had fun decluttering my home, focusing mainly on toys now that my baby is 12!  Where on earth did that time go?  Anyway the toy decluttering proved a bit more challenging for this sentimental old mum that I thought!!!!  But I found a compromise that my heart could handle and everything that is left is neat and tidy and packed away at least…put it this way, this future Grandma’s house is going to be the most fun place to visit – or just filled with really old toys lol!!

In all the decluttering I have paid particular attention to my studio – really hubbies workshop (but he lovingly handed it over to me to get my treasures out of the house) and it’s mine to keep all my making bits and market props etc in so I LOVE it! I can create up a storm and then close the door while it all cures – perfect! (Just trying to squish hubbies stuff further into the corner as we speak hehe)  These areas that are shut off from the main house really do become dumping grounds don’t they!  Especially when I would rather be making than cleaning!!  Oh and guess what! I’ve even managed to get all my accounts up to date!  And it’s not quite the end of the financial year either!  Ooh yeah – fist bump!

2018 has seen a very last minute new school for my youngest, and high school to boot!, and this has proved a rewarding transition.  Still a mad baseball mum I’ll be heading off to NSW for the National Little League Championships in June to watch my youngest play.  Eek!  This means I will have to be SUPER organised for my next market which is just 2 weeks after I get back! (June 24th, Perth Upmarket – write it down!) Don’t panic, I’ve started creating and have already got some gorgeous goodies on the workbench for this ♥  Ooh I love this bit!!  Can’t wait to show you!

Well, back to it for me!  Thanks for the cuppa :)  Talk soon

Marina ♥


Don’t you just LOVE the energy that surrounds the start of a brand new year?!  Everything has that fresh, new year smell to it!

For me it heralds the end to the crazily awesome market season leading up to Christmas and so normally means my house is SCREAMING out to be tidied up and sorted out!  And my studio…well let’s just say that it took me 3 full weeks to sort it out and actually find the floor this time!!  But I do feel that I cannot begin creatively until I have reigned in the chaos!

As I go through these things and slowly get it back in order I can feel my mind shift from cluttered and overwhelmed to the excitement of being back in the creative zone.  As the fog begins to lift on my mind I find that ideas just start to waft through as the haze clears.  I jump from one fresh new idea to another!  I am inspired!  I tweak my website, my listings, my shop fronts as well as check that my packaging and brand are still on the right track!  My notebooks get fuller and fuller!

And I read.  I read every blog post on the small business world I can get my hands on!  I read books devoted to self-improvement or creativity (this year i read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it was fab!)  I search Pinterest.  I read magazines.  I devour this information.  Then suddenly, I am able to slow down and realise that through all this information one thing is becoming clear.  I am doing ok!!  I may be bumbling along at best at times but overall I am not doing too badly!  My creative passion is as fierce as ever!  My paperwork could be kept in better order (and my washing put away as well as folded!!) but I am juggling all of the balls of a work at home mum – and mostly – managing to keep them in the air!!

DSCN4782So here’s to 2016!  And here’s to us – the almighty #girlbosses out there!  I just know it’s going to be MINTOX!!


In desperate need of some display stands for my necklaces that would allow you to see what I was displaying (and of course take up minimal real estate space on my market table) I took to my sketchbook.  Many pages later I had sketched out a vague idea for what I had in mind! That’s how I roll – kind of make it up as I go along, with a picture in my mind!  This works perfectly for me, but here lies my problem – I had to enlist the help of my clever husband, who thankfully is not afraid of the drop-saw (unlike me!!)

Can he decipher my drawings?  Can he speak Marina?  Will he follow my directions?  Have I measured correctly???  Well it turns out YES! He is AWESOME! AMAZING! CLEVER! And best of all – he speaks Marina!!!!!

Have a look at how these gorgeous stands turned out!  To his obvious delight one stand turned into two, which quickly turned into four when I saw the off-cuts!!  Woohoo!!  These stands rock!!!!  Can’t wait to use them ♥

IMG_0580 (640x640)IMG_0585 (640x640)IMG_0581 (640x640)IMG_0584 (640x640)IMG_0588 (640x640) IMG_0587 (640x640)IMG_0604 (640x640)IMG_0589 (640x480)


just beginLao Tzu said “The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” – I keep reminding myself of this!  I was over thinking how to begin blogging  – then realised I just had to start!!

So this is me beginning :)

Now where to go from here!