A quick Resinating life update

A quick Resinating life update

Well the first half of the year has been INSANE!!!  You know when all kinds of life events happen which makes the time just fly by!

In a total step out of your comfort zone moment I took over the Perth Upmarket Instagram page and took you behind the scenes in the Resinating Studio!  Man this was overwhelmingly hard for this little introvert right here – but… I DID IT!!  And according to many messages that I received from you guys (gees I love you all so much!) you reckon I’m a natural and was so relaxed! If only you knew!!

If you want to catch up on what you missed head to the Perth Upmarket Instagram page and check out their stories highlights tab for my studio day ♥

My beautiful college boy came home ♥ After two years away at college in America, ten months in the last stint since I squeezed him, and two weeks in Sydney quarantine, he made it safely back to Perth!  He had an AMAZING time in North Dakota, playing baseball and acing all his classes.  In fact he made the college President’s List with his 4.0GPA and also was selected as a Montana-Dakota conference scholar athlete.

The snow proved a challenge for playing baseball (North Dakota is pretty damn cold with temps getting as low as -33deg before we stopped looking – eek!!), but was exciting to experience!  I think its awesome that he spent this time in a place that was so different to Perth or even Australia.  It was a wonderful college and town with the most beautiful people.  He has made some life long friends from all over the world and we hope that he can catch up with them soon.



My youngest son and his baseball team won the state championship title for his age group and we all travelled to Lismore, NSW, as my husband and I are team officials and my son played!  This was kind of scary in these “unprecedented times” and travelling was so different to what you remember – it’s not carefree anymore!  Anyway we all made it safely across the country and back with no hiccups and no covid! Yeah!  Oh and the team did ok against some huge obstacles in their way, and we won the game my son pitched so this was pretty cool!

He’s now playing soccer in the winter and I am that thing that I never thought I’d be again – a soccer mum!!  He is fearless and I still don’t know the rules even after three soccer players lol, but I love to watch them play whatever they are playing ♥


My amazing eldest son had his birthday and started a new job in the same week after 6 years at the one company and is loving it!  He works and studies full time so is a bit of a machine at the moment!  As the mum you just sit back and watch in awe as they all accomplish all these things that you are just along for the ride on!  Like literally just the taxi getting them places and they make all this amazing stuff happen!  My husband and I are exhausted just keeping track of it all lol

I’ve had some awesome custom project opportunities this year and have loved making beautiful pieces for your homes and loved ones ♥  My pieces really resonate with you for gift ideas and I love that I get to be a part of this gift giving journey with you.  I’ve added some new equipment to my machinery line-up and am getting better at creating the wooden boards that I create the resin art on!  Everything is completely handmade in my Resinating world and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thanks for stopping by for a catch up – I’ll try to pop by again soon.  Love, Marina xx


Behind the brand – eye update (part 3)

Behind the brand – eye update (part 3)

So for those of you waiting for another update on ‘the eye” as we call it you won’t be disappointed!  In my last blog post my gorgeous son was about to have eye surgery to try to repair a traumatic macular hole caused by a misthrown baseball earlier in the year.  Well since that blog post he has in fact had a second surgery as well on that stubborn eye!

His first surgery was a success as far as the actual operation went, and my son was a superstar throughout it all.  His recovery was laying facedown on his tummy facing the floor for almost two weeks and off school for three!  He then was able to go back to school but after a week was told he had to go back onto his tummy again!  Poor little thing (well he’s almost 6 foot so not so little!).  He had multiple eyedrops 6 times a day which gradually got less as he healed.

Unfortunately the hole in his macular just did not want to do the right thing so he had to go back for round two.  This was done just last week.  No news yet as to how it’s going as his eye is once again filled with an ocular implant (gas) so the surgeon can’t see in fully yet.  Had to get the stitches removed today as they were inflaming/irritating his eyelid.  He’s such a trouper ♥

Keep your fingers crossed for a good outcome xx


P.S. My gorgeous middle son is coming home from college in America for Christmas!  Cue the happy dancing!  I cannot wait to have all of my three awesome young men home together again ♥

Behind the scenes – life update (Part 2)

Behind the scenes – life update (Part 2)

Wow!  What a crazy year this has been!  In my last update I was off to watch my youngest son play baseball at the National Championships in Victoria.  Well who could predict that we would in fact WIN the national tournament and then head to California just 4 weeks later to represent AUSTRALIA at the World Series!  How totally amazing!  This was the most surreal and truly special event to be at – and to watch my son and my husband (as coach) represent our country on the world stage…well that was just priceless ♥

This amazing opportunity meant that we had to post pone my sons eye surgery and this will now be done at the end of September.  Although nervous we are all looking forward to gaining some improvement in his vision and moving forward with the healing process.


I also headed back to America to finalise my middle son’s college admission and see where he will be living for the next two years.  He received a scholarship to play baseball and study at a college in North Dakota.  This was a truly special week of connection with him as he embarks on this next adventure and experiencing a whole lot of firsts with him.  Again priceless!  He’ll be home for Christmas and this can not come fast enough!  But he has settled in well and taken to it all like a duck to water.  Absolutely living his dream ♥


So although these trips gave our budget a hefty hit, I am so grateful that I was able to experience them first hand.  A good friend said to just go and work it out later and this proved to be the best advice we could have received!  I am trying to live present and mindful in the moment and approach things with an open and grateful heart.  This means that the memories I have from these trips will be with me forever.  Truly precious.

Behind the brand – a personal update

Behind the brand – a personal update

As well as a resin artist I am also the mum to three very awesome young men!  2019 has proven to be a huge year for my family.  It has already had its huge highs and a pretty low low.  Here’s a a little bit about it all.  (It’s moments like these that I am so very grateful for my creative space to escape to.)

One of my other hats is “Baseball Mum”.  All of my boys play baseball and all have competed at a very high level representing WA at National and International championships. They play for the love of the game and it is so rewarding to see them strive and work hard to achieve at something no matter the results on the field. They don’t always win but they always learn!

So with this in mind the first high of the year is that my middle son (19 next week) has achieved his ultimate goal and has received a scholarship to attend college in America to play baseball and work towards his physiotherapy degree.  Gosh this has been 10 years in the making and he has consistently worked towards this goal, not always achieving and not always the best player but always giving his all.  We are so very pleased for him and so very proud, but oh this mama’s heart is so sad to see him go!  You raise boys to leave the nest but man I thought he’d be older than 19!  So I am sad and happy at the same time (sad for me and absolutely bursting with happiness for him) which makes for interesting times haha.  He will be coming home for Christmas so I’ll be counting down for that!!

Which brings us to the next event which was a pretty low low.  My youngest son (13) was injured at baseball training one night in February when a miss thrown ball hit him flush on the eye.  This has caused permanent damage to his eyesight (he now has a “Traumatic Macular Hole”) in his right eye and he will be having surgery in July to try to get it back to about 70% vision.  He currently has 30% vision in that eye with a blurry section right in the middle of his vision.  He is the only known 13 year old (or child) in the world to have had this surgery, although it is an extremely common procedure in the 60+ age group for macular degeneration. (As the ball hit him directly on the pupil it has damaged the macular which is the dead centre at the back of the eye in the middle of the retina.)

Wow!  Just like that things sure can change.  But what this has confirmed is that he is an amazing young man, so strong, positive and resilient.  He has never once complained, not once said why me, he has just looked to the future with his positive nature and gotten on with it.  My husband and I learn from him every single day.  He is quite simply amazing!  In fact he is competing in a National baseball tournament next week!  Fearless I tell you! He wanted to pull out so as not to let the team down but the Coach asked him to stay as they could really use his pitching and his positive team player attitude.  His batting and fielding look a little rusty now unfortunately as two eyes are definitely an advantage in tracking a baseball!  His pitching is largely unaffected as it is a different action/process.  He is rocking his high impact protective glasses and loving being part of the team.  So GO NORTH!!  Make sure you’re cheering him on next week!

And then another high!  My eldest son turned 21 this week!  Just wow!  So exciting to watch him grow and mature.  He is a wonderful guy with a true heart of gold.  A loyal, hard working, funny, strong, loving, wonderful young man.  So proud ♥  (And gees I feel old now lol)

So you can see that 2019 has pulled at the heart strings of this mum in so many different ways already!  Not sure how I’ll get through the next half but with my Resinating family having my back and my art to escape to I know I’m in a much better place ♥ Mwah!