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The arrival of Spring also marks the start of MARKET SEASON! (Yes this deserves capital letters – it is the 5th season of the year after all!!)

Resinating will be showing at a small selection of beautiful local markets up until Christmas.

I love attending these special market days (and nights this time!) held around Perth.  To see your friendly faces and make contact with you is a true highlight for me!  And I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on – I really hope you’ll love the new additions to my range!

Below are the dates as they stand at the moment.  Check Resinating’s facebook page for updated market announcements closer to each event.

Can’t wait to catch up with you ♥

September 14thMarket Girl, Ocean Reef

September 28th Perth Upmarket, UWA

October 3rd Currambine Ladies Night Market, Currambine

November 7th,8th,9thEtsy Pop-up Christmas Event, Leederville

Now pencil the following dates in as my applications are yet to be confirmed!

November 28th – Currambine Ladies Night Market, Currambine

November 30th – Perth Upmarket, UWA

December 7th – Market Girl, Ocean Reef


Hope to see you at one of these!!


In desperate need of some display stands for my necklaces that would allow you to see what I was displaying (and of course take up minimal real estate space on my market table) I took to my sketchbook.  Many pages later I had sketched out a vague idea for what I had in mind! That’s how I roll – kind of make it up as I go along, with a picture in my mind!  This works perfectly for me, but here lies my problem – I had to enlist the help of my clever husband, who thankfully is not afraid of the drop-saw (unlike me!!)

Can he decipher my drawings?  Can he speak Marina?  Will he follow my directions?  Have I measured correctly???  Well it turns out YES! He is AWESOME! AMAZING! CLEVER! And best of all – he speaks Marina!!!!!

Have a look at how these gorgeous stands turned out!  To his obvious delight one stand turned into two, which quickly turned into four when I saw the off-cuts!!  Woohoo!!  These stands rock!!!!  Can’t wait to use them ♥

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just beginLao Tzu said “The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” – I keep reminding myself of this!  I was over thinking how to begin blogging  – then realised I just had to start!!

So this is me beginning :)

Now where to go from here!