Don’t you just LOVE the energy that surrounds the start of a brand new year?!  Everything has that fresh, new year smell to it!

For me it heralds the end to the crazily awesome market season leading up to Christmas and so normally means my house is SCREAMING out to be tidied up and sorted out!  And my studio…well let’s just say that it took me 3 full weeks to sort it out and actually find the floor this time!!  But I do feel that I cannot begin creatively until I have reigned in the chaos!

As I go through these things and slowly get it back in order I can feel my mind shift from cluttered and overwhelmed to the excitement of being back in the creative zone.  As the fog begins to lift on my mind I find that ideas just start to waft through as the haze clears.  I jump from one fresh new idea to another!  I am inspired!  I tweak my website, my listings, my shop fronts as well as check that my packaging and brand are still on the right track!  My notebooks get fuller and fuller!

And I read.  I read every blog post on the small business world I can get my hands on!  I read books devoted to self-improvement or creativity (this year i read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it was fab!)  I search Pinterest.  I read magazines.  I devour this information.  Then suddenly, I am able to slow down and realise that through all this information one thing is becoming clear.  I am doing ok!!  I may be bumbling along at best at times but overall I am not doing too badly!  My creative passion is as fierce as ever!  My paperwork could be kept in better order (and my washing put away as well as folded!!) but I am juggling all of the balls of a work at home mum – and mostly – managing to keep them in the air!!

DSCN4782So here’s to 2016!  And here’s to us – the almighty #girlbosses out there!  I just know it’s going to be MINTOX!!



What an honour to be asked to be the Designer in the Spotlight on Madeit!  A little terrifying for an introvert like myself, but I am quite proud to have stepped out of my comfort zone and put myself out there for this!!

You can find the interview here – its a fun read and tells out how I got started with Resinating and a little bit about me! Enjoy!


Ok…so what exactly is resin?  Well it turns out this is a whole lot harder to describe than you would think!

I’ll do my best to briefly outline the basics as I know it – a scientist can give you the insight into the real molecular make-up!

Get ready for your Chemistry 101 lesson!!

“Resin” is a term widely and commonly used to describe a compound that starts in a liquid form and then hardens to a solid, thus mimicking tree resin.

True resin comes from trees.  It is an organic material used in the manufacture of varnishes, food glazing agents and also incense and perfumes (think pine scented products).

Synthetic resins like the ones used for jewellery, crafting and industry have been manufactured to mimic natural plant resins – that is they are viscous (thick + sticky) liquids that are capable of hardening permanently.  They are an inorganic material.

Some common synthetic resins include:

Epoxy resin – to produce small-scale models, jewellery and castings,

Enviro resins or Bio resins are an epoxy resin and are a synthetic resin created using industrial by-products, or waste products, to form another product – thus being environmentally friendly (reduce, reuse, recycle) rather than an organic product as may be implied.  Surfboards, some jewellery and pens are commonly made from this.  A beautiful and awesome way to re-purpose industrial waste.

Polyurethane resin – again to produce small-scale items,

Polyester resin – to commonly produce large-scale plastic objects like furniture, but is also used in bulk jewellery manufacture,

Acrylic resin – to produce products such as Plexiglass,

Silicone resin – to produce a flexible silicone rubber.

So that’s resin in a nutshell…but how does it work?

Basically a thermosetting (heat cured) synthetic resin is mixed with a curing agent (polymerisation catalyst) at room temperature.  (Still with me?) Depending on the products used and ambient temperature curing time can be anything from 5 mins to 3 days for a small object!

Hang on I’ll try again…

To cast an object, a synthetic resin (Part A) is mixed with a curing agent (Part B) and poured into a prepared silicone mould.  Mixing the two parts together causes an exothermic reaction.  This is a chemical reaction to release heat.  In this moment the resin produces extreme heat for a brief period – the resins I use heat up to 110 degrees Celsius – hence the need for properly suited moulds!  Once the curing process is completed the object can be released from the mould and sanded and polished ready for use.

I use epoxy and polyurethane resins to produce my products (polyester resins are just too smelly for me!) and bio resin (where I can – although this is only suited for some items/moulds).  I have a few different product types that I use as the way they have been formulated means they have different properties and uses. Some are for doming, some for casting, some are better for embedding, some are quick set and some take longer to cure!  Playing with the different synthetic resins available and testing their parameters in the studio is a HUGE part of the fun!

So when you ask me “What exactly is resin” and I answer you with “Its closest cousin would be plastic” I’m actually not that far off!!!

(and you, my friend, just moved to the top of the class!)



Your Christmas shopping is sorted!

We all love to give and receive gifts at Christmastime!  Sometimes the joy of giving surpasses the receiving when the recipient squeals in obvious delight at what you have given!  Choosing something with them in mind shows thought and care, but can be overwhelming at times!  This week my newsletter subscribers received a series of gift guides to help get their Christmas shopping easily sorted!  Cross people off your list with these Resinating ideas…

Gifts for Teachers:

DSCN2027 (640x640)

Gifts for Teachers

At Christmastime it’s so lovely to reward your child’s teacher for a great year of going above and beyond for the entire class.  And what better way than with a pop of colour for their desk!

  • The Pop Planters ($15) are suitable for both male and female teachers (and the plant will survive the holidays!!) and add a lovely splash of colour to their home or school desk;
  • Trinket dishes ($12-15) come in many colours and look great filled with paperclips or small items that help to keep their desk tidy;
  • The floral brooches ($8) are a gorgeous handmade gift at a great price – especially if you have more than one teacher to buy for!
  • And the small bud vases look beautiful filled with a freshly picked flower.

All items available in assorted colours

Whatever you decide to give the teachers in your life this Christmas make sure to include a card handmade by your child – a joy to give and receive!! ♥

Gifts for Tweens and Teens:

DSCN2046 (640x480)

Gifts for Tweens and Teens

Tweens and teenagers are often one of the hardest ages to buy for, but Resinating makes it easy!


  • necklaces for cool dudes featuring iconic boy themes – Halo and Minecraft computer games, Star Wars and more (I’ve army men, spiders, and shark teeth galore!) $12.50
  • a skull ornament to adorn their shelf – or use it as a paperweight on their study desk $22
  • hang a cool skull or geek item from their backpack with a Resinating bag tag or three $8.50


  • a sparkly suncatcher to hang in their bedroom window or mirror (comes complete with a suction cup hook) $20
  • a Summery bangle or sparkly ring to brighten things up $22/$18
  • a small bud vase for the dandelion flowers from the garden they pick! $18 in an array of gorgeous colours
  • some cute little stud earrings in a WIDE range of colours! $8
  • a skull ornament with a hot pink Mohawk!  What more could you want? $22

See it’s not too hard!  Think funky, cool, geeky or computer themed and you’re on a winner!

Gifts for Stocking Stuffers:

DSCN2051 (640x480)

Gifts for Stocking Stuffers

Stuff their stockings with some fun little bits this Christmas!

  • Badges for their jacket, hat or bag (featuring Lego men, shown, Dr Who or Star Wars) $8
  • Bag tags to hang off their backpacks $8.50 in a HUGE variety of styles – Dinosaurs, robots, letters, Star Wars, Minecraft, Spiderman…and more!
  • Necklaces $12.50 a neverending supply of themes for these too!  Shark teeth, dinosaurs, Halo men, army men, Star Wars, skulls, Lego…these tick all the boxes!
  • Stud earrings in a GORGEOUS range of colours $8

All items available in various colours and themes – just ask!

Kids love all the bits and bobs that fill their stockings on Christmas day!  Buying handmade ensures quirky and different are top of the list!


Gifts for Men:

DSCN2067 (640x480)

Gifts for Men

Buying for men does not need to be as tricky as you think!

  • Get the cogs turning with this ‘Blocked’ puzzle – a brain buster puzzle perfect for after dinner fun!  $20
  • An R2D2 paperweight to keep his paperwork organised and his desk looking mighty fine! $22
  • a square resin dish to keep office supplies in $15
  • a set of Dr Who decorations $15
  • a Dr Who or Star Wars keyring – bring out his inner geek – $8.50 (other styles available)

See!  Awesome, cool and fun – just like our men!

Gifts for Neighbours:

DSCN2061 (640x640)

Gifts for Neighbours

They’ve collected your newspaper, brought your bin up when you were sick, watered your plants and let your cat sleep on their outdoor setting!  At Christmas it’s nice to be able to say thanks with a little gift of appreciation.

  • Make some shortbread biscuits and tie a mini heart or star on the packaging (or tape to a box of chocolates or bottle of wine if time is against you!) $8 set of 5
  • Medium decorations $8, including sparkly stars and gingerbread men
  • Large star, in various colours, $15
  • set of 3 Lego men, because … Lego!!  $15 set of 3

Christmas decorations make great gifts as they’re not something extra to find a permanent home for, and each Christmas when the tree and decorations are hauled out they bring memories and smiles as they are discovered and remembered! 


So there it is, my Resinating Gift Guide!

Get some ideas?

I hope you got lots of ideas to help you cross people off your list and make your festive season easier!

Remember the most important thing is spending time with the people that we love – the gift is just sugar on top!

Marina x




I am so excited to be part of Etsy Australia’s Christmas Pop-up Event to be held in Leederville, Perth from November 7-9th!

Check out this page by Etsy Australia showcasing all the stallholders for the Perth event:

It is going to be an AMAZING event with a festival vibe – great food, entertainment and of course Etsy stalls!! Sounds like Heaven!!


IMG_20140309_092243_326 (760x507)


The arrival of Spring also marks the start of MARKET SEASON! (Yes this deserves capital letters – it is the 5th season of the year after all!!)

Resinating will be showing at a small selection of beautiful local markets up until Christmas.

I love attending these special market days (and nights this time!) held around Perth.  To see your friendly faces and make contact with you is a true highlight for me!  And I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on – I really hope you’ll love the new additions to my range!

Below are the dates as they stand at the moment.  Check Resinating’s facebook page for updated market announcements closer to each event.

Can’t wait to catch up with you ♥

September 14thMarket Girl, Ocean Reef

September 28th Perth Upmarket, UWA

October 3rd Currambine Ladies Night Market, Currambine

November 7th,8th,9thEtsy Pop-up Christmas Event, Leederville

Now pencil the following dates in as my applications are yet to be confirmed!

November 28th – Currambine Ladies Night Market, Currambine

November 30th – Perth Upmarket, UWA

December 7th – Market Girl, Ocean Reef


Hope to see you at one of these!!


In desperate need of some display stands for my necklaces that would allow you to see what I was displaying (and of course take up minimal real estate space on my market table) I took to my sketchbook.  Many pages later I had sketched out a vague idea for what I had in mind! That’s how I roll – kind of make it up as I go along, with a picture in my mind!  This works perfectly for me, but here lies my problem – I had to enlist the help of my clever husband, who thankfully is not afraid of the drop-saw (unlike me!!)

Can he decipher my drawings?  Can he speak Marina?  Will he follow my directions?  Have I measured correctly???  Well it turns out YES! He is AWESOME! AMAZING! CLEVER! And best of all – he speaks Marina!!!!!

Have a look at how these gorgeous stands turned out!  To his obvious delight one stand turned into two, which quickly turned into four when I saw the off-cuts!!  Woohoo!!  These stands rock!!!!  Can’t wait to use them ♥

IMG_0580 (640x640)IMG_0585 (640x640)IMG_0581 (640x640)IMG_0584 (640x640)IMG_0588 (640x640) IMG_0587 (640x640)IMG_0604 (640x640)IMG_0589 (640x480)


just beginLao Tzu said “The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” – I keep reminding myself of this!  I was over thinking how to begin blogging  – then realised I just had to start!!

So this is me beginning :)

Now where to go from here!