26th January – On this day waaaayy back in 2012 I put on my big girl knickers and plucked up a whole heap of courage from somewhere deep inside and registered my business name.  (Trust me this was a HUGE step!)   And just like that Resinating was born ♥  (Well I say just like that but really it evolved organically over many many years, much hardwork, many late nights, far too much overthinking and a tremendous amount of learning on the spot!!!)

WOWSERS!  I’ve just realised this means that tomorrow, 27th January 2020, marks the start of the 9th year of business for Resinating and the 10th year of me creating my gorgeous glossy goodies!?  This just blows me away!  To have taken a vague wish to “learn resin” way back in the very beginning of 2011 into something that brings us both so much JOY is indescribable ♥

Over these years my products have blossomed, some things I’m no longer making and other things are just shelved for a bit, but the true core of my business, the absolute heart of it, has always stayed the same – YOU GUYS!  My Resinating family.  First and foremost out of everything that I do, every decision and every one of my practices, is making sure that my peoples are looked after.  Be this with my customer service and interactions, or the quality of raw materials and sustainable products that I use to ensure kindness to both you and our planet, or the actual products that I produce.  I love to know that they will last you or your loved ones for a very long time.

I just LOVE what I do.  Over these past years I have played, tested, experimented, invested and watched my reject pile get smaller and smaller (insert happy dance!) as my skills increase so that I am able to bring you beautiful, quality products absolutely infused with love.   Oh and I’ve done all this without watching a single YouTube video hehe!  In fact YouTube really didn’t exist like it does now way back in 2011 – true story!.  I am completely (and proudly) self taught.  I learn best by actually doing and making mistakes so that I can refine my processes, broaden my skill base and increase my knowledge while exploring the medium.  And you get original pieces made with love ♥ You’ve gotta be happy with that right!?

So now that I’ve realised the length of time I’ve been playing with resin, I’m looking back and reflecting about what I’ve been involved in over this time and some memories that spring to mind when I think of my business. In no particular order here’s my list:

  • Market days being stall neighbours with my sister;
  • countless collaborations;
  • products in published magazines;
  • online features;
  • prize donations;
  • sent treasures to France, England, Spain, New Zealand, all 7 states and territories of Australia, Germany, Singapore and Scotland to name a few!;
  • have pieces in 6 star hotels (still pinching myself hehe);
  • artists interviews with various publications and websites;
  • wholesale – at times I’ve had products in six shops around Perth, one in Victoria, one in Queensland and one in New South Wales;
  • moved into my dedicated “studio” in my husbands home workshop (he loves me!);
  • Brand Ambassador for Perth Upmarket;
  • created my own website from scratch;
  • met the most amazing creatives;
  • juggled life and met deadlines (not sure how sometimes!!)

This is just off the top of my head!  Not bad.  Each one of these points brings to my mind the pieces and people involved – such a lovely reflection ♥

And so just like that I head into my next year of business, excited to bring you new goodies and see where the year takes us.  Who’s coming? xx