Your Christmas shopping is sorted!

We all love to give and receive gifts at Christmastime!  Sometimes the joy of giving surpasses the receiving when the recipient squeals in obvious delight at what you have given!  Choosing something with them in mind shows thought and care, but can be overwhelming at times!  This week my newsletter subscribers received a series of gift guides to help get their Christmas shopping easily sorted!  Cross people off your list with these Resinating ideas…

Gifts for Teachers:

DSCN2027 (640x640)

Gifts for Teachers

At Christmastime it’s so lovely to reward your child’s teacher for a great year of going above and beyond for the entire class.  And what better way than with a pop of colour for their desk!

  • The Pop Planters ($15) are suitable for both male and female teachers (and the plant will survive the holidays!!) and add a lovely splash of colour to their home or school desk;
  • Trinket dishes ($12-15) come in many colours and look great filled with paperclips or small items that help to keep their desk tidy;
  • The floral brooches ($8) are a gorgeous handmade gift at a great price – especially if you have more than one teacher to buy for!
  • And the small bud vases look beautiful filled with a freshly picked flower.

All items available in assorted colours

Whatever you decide to give the teachers in your life this Christmas make sure to include a card handmade by your child – a joy to give and receive!! ♥

Gifts for Tweens and Teens:

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Gifts for Tweens and Teens

Tweens and teenagers are often one of the hardest ages to buy for, but Resinating makes it easy!


  • necklaces for cool dudes featuring iconic boy themes – Halo and Minecraft computer games, Star Wars and more (I’ve army men, spiders, and shark teeth galore!) $12.50
  • a skull ornament to adorn their shelf – or use it as a paperweight on their study desk $22
  • hang a cool skull or geek item from their backpack with a Resinating bag tag or three $8.50


  • a sparkly suncatcher to hang in their bedroom window or mirror (comes complete with a suction cup hook) $20
  • a Summery bangle or sparkly ring to brighten things up $22/$18
  • a small bud vase for the dandelion flowers from the garden they pick! $18 in an array of gorgeous colours
  • some cute little stud earrings in a WIDE range of colours! $8
  • a skull ornament with a hot pink Mohawk!  What more could you want? $22

See it’s not too hard!  Think funky, cool, geeky or computer themed and you’re on a winner!

Gifts for Stocking Stuffers:

DSCN2051 (640x480)

Gifts for Stocking Stuffers

Stuff their stockings with some fun little bits this Christmas!

  • Badges for their jacket, hat or bag (featuring Lego men, shown, Dr Who or Star Wars) $8
  • Bag tags to hang off their backpacks $8.50 in a HUGE variety of styles – Dinosaurs, robots, letters, Star Wars, Minecraft, Spiderman…and more!
  • Necklaces $12.50 a neverending supply of themes for these too!  Shark teeth, dinosaurs, Halo men, army men, Star Wars, skulls, Lego…these tick all the boxes!
  • Stud earrings in a GORGEOUS range of colours $8

All items available in various colours and themes – just ask!

Kids love all the bits and bobs that fill their stockings on Christmas day!  Buying handmade ensures quirky and different are top of the list!


Gifts for Men:

DSCN2067 (640x480)

Gifts for Men

Buying for men does not need to be as tricky as you think!

  • Get the cogs turning with this ‘Blocked’ puzzle – a brain buster puzzle perfect for after dinner fun!  $20
  • An R2D2 paperweight to keep his paperwork organised and his desk looking mighty fine! $22
  • a square resin dish to keep office supplies in $15
  • a set of Dr Who decorations $15
  • a Dr Who or Star Wars keyring – bring out his inner geek – $8.50 (other styles available)

See!  Awesome, cool and fun – just like our men!

Gifts for Neighbours:

DSCN2061 (640x640)

Gifts for Neighbours

They’ve collected your newspaper, brought your bin up when you were sick, watered your plants and let your cat sleep on their outdoor setting!  At Christmas it’s nice to be able to say thanks with a little gift of appreciation.

  • Make some shortbread biscuits and tie a mini heart or star on the packaging (or tape to a box of chocolates or bottle of wine if time is against you!) $8 set of 5
  • Medium decorations $8, including sparkly stars and gingerbread men
  • Large star, in various colours, $15
  • set of 3 Lego men, because … Lego!!  $15 set of 3

Christmas decorations make great gifts as they’re not something extra to find a permanent home for, and each Christmas when the tree and decorations are hauled out they bring memories and smiles as they are discovered and remembered! 


So there it is, my Resinating Gift Guide!

Get some ideas?

I hope you got lots of ideas to help you cross people off your list and make your festive season easier!

Remember the most important thing is spending time with the people that we love – the gift is just sugar on top!

Marina x