Well the first half of the year has been INSANE!!!  You know when all kinds of life events happen which makes the time just fly by!

In a total step out of your comfort zone moment I took over the Perth Upmarket Instagram page and took you behind the scenes in the Resinating Studio!  Man this was overwhelmingly hard for this little introvert right here – but… I DID IT!!  And according to many messages that I received from you guys (gees I love you all so much!) you reckon I’m a natural and was so relaxed! If only you knew!!

If you want to catch up on what you missed head to the Perth Upmarket Instagram page and check out their stories highlights tab for my studio day ♥

My beautiful college boy came home ♥ After two years away at college in America, ten months in the last stint since I squeezed him, and two weeks in Sydney quarantine, he made it safely back to Perth!  He had an AMAZING time in North Dakota, playing baseball and acing all his classes.  In fact he made the college President’s List with his 4.0GPA and also was selected as a Montana-Dakota conference scholar athlete.

The snow proved a challenge for playing baseball (North Dakota is pretty damn cold with temps getting as low as -33deg before we stopped looking – eek!!), but was exciting to experience!  I think its awesome that he spent this time in a place that was so different to Perth or even Australia.  It was a wonderful college and town with the most beautiful people.  He has made some life long friends from all over the world and we hope that he can catch up with them soon.



My youngest son and his baseball team won the state championship title for his age group and we all travelled to Lismore, NSW, as my husband and I are team officials and my son played!  This was kind of scary in these “unprecedented times” and travelling was so different to what you remember – it’s not carefree anymore!  Anyway we all made it safely across the country and back with no hiccups and no covid! Yeah!  Oh and the team did ok against some huge obstacles in their way, and we won the game my son pitched so this was pretty cool!

He’s now playing soccer in the winter and I am that thing that I never thought I’d be again – a soccer mum!!  He is fearless and I still don’t know the rules even after three soccer players lol, but I love to watch them play whatever they are playing ♥


My amazing eldest son had his birthday and started a new job in the same week after 6 years at the one company and is loving it!  He works and studies full time so is a bit of a machine at the moment!  As the mum you just sit back and watch in awe as they all accomplish all these things that you are just along for the ride on!  Like literally just the taxi getting them places and they make all this amazing stuff happen!  My husband and I are exhausted just keeping track of it all lol

I’ve had some awesome custom project opportunities this year and have loved making beautiful pieces for your homes and loved ones ♥  My pieces really resonate with you for gift ideas and I love that I get to be a part of this gift giving journey with you.  I’ve added some new equipment to my machinery line-up and am getting better at creating the wooden boards that I create the resin art on!  Everything is completely handmade in my Resinating world and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thanks for stopping by for a catch up – I’ll try to pop by again soon.  Love, Marina xx